our theory of change

Building community, capacity, and social capital for LGBTQ professionals and leadership of color empowers all the communities in which we live


We know that LGBTQ people of color start out at a disadvantage and fall farther behind as we progress in our lives and careers- irrespective of education, acumen, ambition, and/or class. In addition to homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia, we confront huge racial gaps in employment, advancement, income, wealth, social mobility, housing, representation, and investment that continue to widen, and worsen.

There are many parts of a movement.  Engaging and empowering LGBTQ professionals and leadership is ours.


How do we support individuals navigating the professional world, whether finding a job, building a career path, or launching a venture?

We provide professional/leadership development workshops, panels, and fireside chats; access to employers through our industry-specific Proud@Work sessions; 1-on-1 mentorship and learning opportunities; digital profiles and intersectional inclusion training


How do we support LGBTQPOC-serving organizations that are in need of critical management and governance resources?

We provide capacity-building resources (program design; development; strategic planning; board and staff recruitment and training), through topical workshops and trainings, or project-based consultation


How do we make non-LGBTQPOC-centered spaces (companies, industries, communities) more intersectionally inclusive?

We provide resources such as presentations, research, and connections to LGBTQPOC talent through Proud@Work, and other mentoring and partnership opportunities