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THE 2018 BRILLIANT REPORT- 5.30.2019

To commemorate a truly dynamic year for LGBTQ people of color- and mark our relaunch- we wanted a touch of brilliance.  We went looking for the folks who made a mark in 2018- builders, innovators, disrupters, strivers, shit-starters, and truth-tellers, the folks leading the way, holding the line, opening doors, and reaching back.  

This is not a definitive list or ranking. It is a collage of brilliant change-makers in varied fields, sectors, and parts of the country (and the world), those with national profiles, and, more importantly, and others who are quietly transforming our communities.  Some you already know of; all we should get to know. 


You will find many entries out of New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Philadelphia- Urban+Out's core markets- but also exceptional and unique folks from across the country, and globe.   And, we hope, you will see a reflection of LGBTQ communities of color at our most diverse, intersectional, idiosyncratic, and inspirational.