Urban&Out builds community, capacity, and social capital for LGBTQ professionals and leadership of color. 



Urban&Out is a social impact organization founded in 2011 to provide more professional and leadership development opportunities and resources for LGBTQ people of color. In the last decade, we have held more than 30 events in several cities, engaged 1000+ individuals, and created a unique community.

The impacts of the global pandemic and economic depression will be felt more acutely by our constituency than most anyone else. In the coming months we hope to have programming that meets this moment, if not match it.

This will include content (events, articles, etc.) focused on building careers, capacity, community, and social capital; a career hub; and a directory of LGBTQ businesses-centered and organizations. Join us.

Newark PROUD 2019

Three years ago, for the 1st anniversary of Pulse, we teamed up with Hunter College grad students to make a short film examining the intersections of being LGBTQ, Muslim-descended, and of color in NYC.

Unsung Music

Our NYC Open House on 5/17/2019 was a huge success! We are so appreciative of everyone who came to celebrate spring and our friends Queerly Health, Markd Dance Project, and Caribbean Equality Project.

NYC Open House

95 Linden Blvd. Ste 22A

Brooklyn, NY 11226

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